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Brilltech Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is one of the notable Cable Tray Manufacturers suppliers and exporters from Noida India. A cable trays is used in the electrical wiring of high rise building to support insulated electric cables and mainly used in the place of electrical conduit system or open wiring. This is one of the safest methods which provide safe passage for traffic cables or wires along the length of the building. These are mostly used for cable management in the commercial and industrial sector and made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum and reinforced plastic.

The material of Electrical Cable Tray is depending upon its application, budget, code and many more factors. Their size, material or design can differ as per the requirement where it will be used. They are made with high-quality material and have the ability to work even in a challenging situation. So it may provide complete protection to cables from fire, shock, or any other dust particle that can be harmful to it. These are used with its complete kits like wires, codes, screws and many other required accessories.

In past time, open wires are allowed to be run throughout the buildings which easily get damaged and need to change again and again which is quite costly and unprotected as well. Nowadays, as the technology change so these are used as alternate for open wiring to run them in a controlled manner to protect them from any damage.

Our range includes Galvanized, Ladder, Mild Steel, Perforated, Stainless Steel, PVC Cable Tray, and Raceway. We only ensure the customer satisfaction for every product because we believe in the purity and natural presence in our products and services. As the company, believe in supplying and manufacturing the product under the quality expert controller who just seeking the product with 100% assurance of pure material. Our strong vision to make a relationship for a long period and growing business only gives the assurance of the perfect, pure, and excellent service all over the globe. We have a team of supervisor, engineer, technicians, designers, and many others who provide modern technology equipment with better quality and care about all the manufacturing and supplying products.

Types Of Cable Trays:

  • Galvanized Cable Tray:  It is made by using high quality galvanized steel, therefore mostly used in electric, development and automobile industries.
  • Mild Steel Cable Tray: These are mostly used in mechanical applications for its erosion resistance, long working life, and many other features. 
  • Electrical Cable TrayThese are mostly known for its heat proof structure and superior quality and used in the different electric industry to avoid any damage.
  • Ladder Cable Tray: These are mostly used for wiring of high rise building or big towers where heavy duty is required.
  • Perforated Cable Tray: These are generally made with high-quality steel or galvanized still, therefore mostly demanded in generator manufacturing, construction, electrical, development, interior decorators or many other companies.
  • PVC Cable Tray: These are mostly used in different industries and available in different specifications.
  • Raceways: These are mostly used in IT and communication sectors. These are easily fixed in any type of machinery or device.
  • Stainless Steel Cable Tray: These are mostly used in pipe work and electrical cabling where good corrosion resistant material is required.
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  • Innovations

    Our products are highly innovative and known for their unmatched performance and benefits.

  • Performance

    Along with modern technology, a diversified workforce is employed to take care of the manufacturing of electrical goods and provide professional solutions.

  • Research

    Being a foremost supplier & exporter, we are offering our excellent quality products in the international markets. Owing to our international network.

  • Quality

    Keeping quality and manufacturing standards high is what we have our focus on and we never sacrifice in the same.

Manufacturing The Difference


Our manufacturing facility has the most advanced tools and technologies installed for designing and detailing every unit precisely for keeping our clients satisfied. We have sub-divided our facility into different sections to complete all the processes in most professional manners. This helps us keep a tab on design, quality and timely delivery, which further win us customers for life. Our infrastructure is solid, advanced and spacious enough to meet the diverse customer needs.

Quality Assurance

Quality is a key component that plays a major role in making lasting relationships with our customers. We always keep this in our mind and make sure that the final product will reach the customers in expected design and quality. We follow industry guidelines and meet the necessary standards, so, our clients will get the best they have paid us for. Also, it eases the process of attaining maximum satisfaction for us.

Our Products

Cable Trays Exporters Cable Trays
Electrical Cable Tray Exporters Electrical Cable Tray
Galvanized Cable Tray Exporters Galvanized Cable Tray
Ladder Cable Tray Exporters Ladder Cable Tray
PVC Cable Tray Exporters PVC Cable Tray
Mild Steel Cable Tray Exporters Mild Steel Cable Tray
Perforated Cable Tray Exporters Perforated Cable Tray
Stainless Steel Cable Tray Exporters Stainless Steel Cable Tray
Raceway Exporters Raceway

We Serve Globally

We are limited not only to national boundaries but beyond that as well. Our focus is always on making our products delivered to every place wherever our customers are.


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