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Raceway is a kind of Cable Tray which are mostly used to routing cables. It is mostly used in the IT industry. This kind of cable tray is perfect to manage wire or cables in any kind of machinery and communication rooms as well. It may protect you from dust or any other particle which harm to wires. The design of PVC Raceway is not only protect your cables from any damage but also give an attractive look to your interior. You can change the color shape and design according to your interior.

Nowadays Electrical Raceway is actually an affordable and safe way to run networking and wires in IT and commercial industries. There are some important uses in IT industry.

Benefits Of Using Raceway In IT Industry

  • Eliminate the risk: It is very useful in It industry because in an It industry we are fully covered with different machines so we need a good protector to avoid any kind of accident. And very help full to eliminate risk because of its strong structure and provide a safe environment to you and your employees. .
  • Easy to install: It's easy to install and it takes less time and labor force to install. Their convenient designs make it easy to route the cable or to change the route of the wires.
  • Perfect Finishing: It's a kind of Cable Tray which has smooth surface sand available in different size or color. As they cover all the jumble of wires inside it so look cleaner and even enhance the beauty of your office to match with your décor.
  • Low maintenance: These are made with high-quality material and popular to handle high resistance so it doesn’t require time to time maintenance because of its strong and stable structure.
  • Able to handle extreme weight: In the IT industry we require a bundle of wires to install and this PVC Raceway is very useful to cover the entire bundle under one because it has the ability to handle extreme weight even with high pressure.

Features Of Electrical Raceway:

  • Anti-corrosive in nature
  • Durable and long service life
  • Ideal to handle extreme weight and pressure
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Excellent finishing
  • Tough in construct
  • Impeccable quality